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1505 ULTRA

Ultra-high-speed single-disc polishing machine  for  the professional use on large surfaces  with  large working width  (51 cm) and operating radius (20 m).

Dustless and silent high gloss polishing with 1,500 rpm. The 1505 ULTRA provides for the perfect high gloss on all kinds of hard floors. The integrated passive dust suction provides for a dustless and silent polishing with a high surface cleaning capacity thanks to its working width of 51 cm. A swinging, flexible pad guide and the automatic adjustment to rough floor surfaces provide for even polishing results. The pad pressure is adjustable. The tilting guide bow allows the transport and vertical storage in narrow spaces. If required, we equip the machine with an additional active 1,000 watt strong suction device for a higher cleaning efficiency.

Technical  basic data

●  Working width 20“ (51 cm)
●  1,500 rpm, 1,600 watt
●  Working height clearance 12 cm
●  Operating radius: 20 m
●  Passive dust suction, special paper dust bag
●  Adjustable pad pressure

Standard equipment
Driver plate firmly mounted, paper dust bag

Optional  accessory
Suction device

Optional accessory: suction device
The 1505 ULTRA can also be equipped with a suction device for cleaning and polishing in one operation.
Suction device        Ref. No. 15 83 71 

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Product Description


Technical data 
Model Ref. No.  1505 ULTRA 15 83 005 
Dimensions machine D / W / H (cm)  43 × 60 × 104 
Operating weight (kg)  43.0 
Cable length (m)  20
Performance data 
Voltage (volt)  230
Power input (watt)  1,6
Working width (cm)  51
Brush speed (rpm)  1,5
Torque (Nm)  11.0 
Working pressure (g / cm²)  1 up to 11 
Working height clearance (cm)  12
Noise level dB(A)  58.0 
Technical information 
Mode of driving  direct drive 
Detergent tank (ℓ)  none 
Dust suction  optional** 

** The 1505 Ultra is equipped with passive dust suction as standard.
Our nilco suction device is available for this machine as an optional accessory – ref. no. 15 83 710.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 15 83 005
Accessories 1505 ULTRA 
Designation  PU  Measures  Ref. No. 
Optional accessories 
Suction device cpl.  1 1,000 watt  15 83 710